Dear Family!!

So this week has been pretty hard haha. I remember before going out on my mission everyone would always tell me what a great missionary I’d be, and I was so prideful. I believed them! the MTC has almost amplified my weaknesses for me. And Its definitely hard work being a missionary, but I do know the lord is stretching me into the person he needs me to be.

On Friday my companions and I were talking in the hallway trying to help each other out with home sickness and different things (We had to move residences due to Bats living in our building…) . Well… we were crying. and we had some elders walk by and go down the stairs. but about 3 minutes later, they came back and said. “We couldn’t help but notice you sisters were upset, would you like a blessing” and tears just came to all of our eyes and we said yes. These elders who we didn’t know followed the spirit and were able to act on promptings of the spirit to help those who really needed it. It was amazing. I’m so grateful for the power of the priesthood and for those worthy young men who acted in faith to bring comfort to my companions and I.

On Sunday I had to play the piano of course… and it was well… it happened… but It was my best, and that’s all that anyone can ask of me. I was the only one who could play in my district and they needed me. So I know the lord was with me and helped me through all of it. So I played all 4 songs, including for our special musical number. I know that my Redeemer lives. So it was a pretty stressful day for me. Then… It was announced that I was going to be the first speaker… haha yay… they picked one person per district in our zone to speak. And the topic was on the Holy Ghost, so I shared my experience on Friday with the 3 elders who followed the spirit and acted on the promptings. and everyone was crying. I know it was inspired for me to speak in sacrament. Afterwards I was talking with Ali and She told me that everyone in her district asked for a blessing. and I wonder if they would have if I had not shared my testimony of the strength that it gave me. I’m so glad she is here and was able to let me know of that. Thats why we share our testimonies, to strengthen others. And even though it was hard to play piano and talk I know that is what God needed me to do in order to help others. God knows me and my weaknesses but he also knows my strengths and i’m so glad he was able to use me this week to help others.

On Monday we taught a real non member. Christian, he is studying to become a protestant priest and knows his bible really well. He is one of my teacher’s friends and when she asked her boss if she could bring Christian in to be taught by us, she was expecting her boss to say no. There is a strict NO FRIENDS policy here at the MTC so when he said yes she knew it was us who were supposed to teach him. It was intimidating and hard but we just tried to strengthen his faith and bring him closer to Christ. And we all came to love him. It was a good experience and i’m grateful for it. Later that night everyone in our district asked for priesthood blessings and this time was special because I actually knew the elders giving the blessing so it was alot more personal. I truly felt the power that the priesthood has underneath all of those hands on my head. It was almost radiating all over my body coating me in this wonderful blanket of calm and peace. It was amazing!! I love my district and how close we have grown together in these last few weeks. Its so sad to see them go, but I know that they are where they need to be serving the lord in Mesa Arizona and Houston Texas. They lord needs them and those places are so lucky to have such amazing elders.

Being in the MTC is hard. But I’ve grown because of it. I know that I can do hard things and i’m so grateful for this time here. The church is true!! Remember that god loves you!!!

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with Love
-Sister Pope

I’m Alive!!!

Hey Mom and Dad and friends!! πŸ˜€ I’m Alive!!!

So i’m in a triple companionship with sister whipple and sister hilliard and they are amazing!! sister whipple is from arizona and sister hilliard is from montana. We are all going to Iowa to serve in the Des Moines mission. My district all the girls are going to Iowa! so thats awesome πŸ™‚ we are all great friends and i’m going to be sad when I have to just have one companion and its not one of these sisters. I love them! the rest of my district, 3 elders are going to mesa arizona and 3 elders are going to houston Texas. and we are all great friends already! its so crazy how good of friends we became just after 3 days!! we all played volleyball together and it was a good bonding experience!

The Mtc is currently 2/3 elders and 1/3 sisters, it used to have more sisters, but high school just got out and so there are more elders.

The Language is going really well for me πŸ˜‰ i’m feel like I understand most words everyone is saying πŸ˜‰ hehe but I often tell myself when it gets hard that at least i’m not learning Korean. haha:)

My calling in the branch is the Music Coordinator. And that is something i’m really worried about… I’ve never played for sacrament… so that will be interesting. :/ I just really need the lord to be with me.


My investigators are Paul and Lisa, Paul has agreed to be baptized and to give up on smoking so that’s awesome! and Lisa we just started teaching her yesterday but she has such a sweet spirit and i’m excited to get to know her better!

Ali is going to be in my zone!! πŸ˜€ we got the list of the new people coming in and shes gonna be here!! πŸ˜€ I’m so happy!! Her companion is gong to be Yancy so if that will cause her less stress please let her know! otherwise it will be a nice surprise for her! πŸ™‚

Although (mom) if you do tell her, let her know we should wear the whale shirts on Thursday πŸ˜‰ haha

(Dad) Happy Fathers day!!! πŸ˜€ I want you to know that I have the best dad ever!! I love you so much!! I hope you have a great day!! I love you!!!

I fly out on Wednesday July 1st and I have to be up and ready by 3:30am… Yuck! and then we’ll fly to denver co and then to Iowa. So that will be great. theres about 16 of us going to Iowa on that day. so that will be fun πŸ™‚

I love you all!!! Please keep praying!! We do it 100 times a day!! Keep the spirit with you and have so much fun!! πŸ˜€ You’re the best!!!
I love you!!

Sister Pope

Sister Brittany Pope

IMG_20150613_191127Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Β Serving in theΒ Des Moines, Iowa mission from 6/2015 to 12/2016.

MTC – Provo Utah staring 6/16/2015 to 7/1/2015.

Sister Brittany Anne Pope
2009 N 900 E Unit 105
Provo UT 84602