Miracles Happen!

So this week has been pretty dang interesting haha πŸ™‚ Last Tuesday we had Dinner with the Pastor and his Wife. (bible church) and it was weird to say the least haha. We tried to share a message with them after dinner about the power of the atonement. so we could build on common beliefs but they didn’t understand it, I think they think the atonement is only for those of their certain belief. so it was weird having a gospel discussion. But they are really sweet people and they are new to the area as well so they thought having us over for dinner was a good idea. haha yeah…

We also taught Estaban more this week, and since he’s had all the lessons except for tithing, we taught him that one. And we invited him to fast with us this last sunday so that Mary’s (His girlfriend who he lives with) Divorce would go through and then they could get married. Its so cool to see his testimony of the church. He wants to be baptized so bad but waiting for the divorce to go through is taking a really long time… but its okay because its what the lords wants from him.

Um so the funny story this week is about my hands… and I know my mom got a text with a picture of what happened, so I’m hoping she’ll put it on my blog for the rest of you haha πŸ˜‰

Brittany burned handsMy companion and i were doing service for a member. (She has some pretty intense tumors) We were cutting the vegetables from her garden. Well, I took it upon myself to cut the really hot peppers… =Not A good idea…Β  A half hour after cutting these peppers my hands started to burn. It was unbearably hot. we tried everything we could thing of to relieve my pain but nothing worked. We tried ice, alo vera, squishing tomatos, soap and water, lavender oil, washing my hands with Olive oil, and nothing worked. I still had so much pain in the palms of my hands. It was so bad that I couldn’t even wrap my hand around a fork, my companion spoon feed me my dinner that night…Β  it was awful. And I’m the designated driver! How was I supposed to drive home!? It was not fun. we then read that i needed to soak my hands in Vegetable oil for at least an hour. So they had me put on rubber gloves and they filled it up with oil. and then I asked for a priesthood blessing. and after that the burn gradually left my fingers. I could still feel the warmth but it wasn’t unbearable anymore. then it got to the point where I felt I could drive again, so we drove to our next appointment and during the drive the pain left completely. Its amazing the power of the priesthood. I’m so grateful for the worthy priesthood holders in my life. especially my Dad πŸ™‚ I love this gospel.

So I know this last week was pioneer week, and I just want to talk a little about the pioneers of my little branch here. Our branch was created 45 years ago and they first began meeting in the music hall of Upper Iowa university here in Fayette. But as the membership grew they desired to have their own building. They did bake sales and fundraisers to buy a plot of land. with that land they grew corn and soybeans and different vegetables to sell in order to save for a real building. When they raised enough, they sent their application to the church, but one of the requirements was to have at least 90 members. Well this branch only had 70, but they kept praying and fasting for this building to happen. they knew that it would be approved. And it was, their prayers were answered and they soon had a building to meet in.

I heard this story and I was just so touched by the faith of these branch members and their love for the gospel. These are what modern day pioneers look like, they are amazing. They aren’t just apart of this church, they LIVE IT everyday of their lives. I’m continually impressed by them. I love the branch here.

So I’m so happy to be here. My companion and i are going to Nauvoo tomorrow! We are both so excited!! Yay!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I love the temple!

Haha so thats my week! I love you all!!

Sister Brittany Pope


Happy 1 Month to me! :)

Yay this week i’ve been out 1 whole month!! and I can now stop telling people how many weeks i’ve been out and just got for the solid month! haha i’ve been feeling really young the first couple of weeks… but thats okay πŸ™‚

Interesting events this week, we were knocking on doors and knocked into a Pastor’s home. The wife was talking to us about how they do missionary work and whatnot and we were telling them how we do it, and kinda a little bit more of what we believe. We were trying to build on our common beliefs. Anyway they invited us over for dinner tomorrow. So that will be interesting! haha I don’t really know what to expect, but i’m kinda excited πŸ™‚ they seemed like really nice people.

My Companion:

Sister Romero and I are doing awesome πŸ™‚ She’s Patient and Kind and everything a good teacher needs to be. She’s amazing and I love her πŸ™‚ and Yes She does enjoy my cooking haha πŸ™‚ I made us a roast last week, and I’m making Parmesan chicken today so we’re both excited πŸ™‚ about that:)

Our Investigators:

Tessa- We are still working with her and trying to figure out how to best help her. She told us this week that she wants to try out a bunch of different churches when she goes down to college. because right now she’s only tried 2. 😦 that makes us so sad. She’s had 2 baptismal dates before and so she knows this gospel is true but because of her dad, she’s doubting her faith. We’ll just keep praying for her and loving her.

Estaban- He just moved to our area, but before he was here, he went to the spanish branch. He knows this gospel is true and he really wants to be baptized, he just has to work through his word of wisdom problems and marry his girlfriend. But she’s already been married, so she has to get a divorce first. but her husband is back in Hondrous… and to top it all off they don’t speak very good english… Yikes!! I’m really wishing I could speak spanish right now… my companion and I are trying to read the El Libro De Mormon in the car as we drive. but thats not really helping us here … haha πŸ™‚ so Estaban we have a Date set for him in September, we just don’t know how long getting his girlfriend divorced will take… so that makes it hard. But its okay because it’ll be worth it in the end!

Charlene- She is a very pregnant woman, who has such strong faith and believes in god! She knew that god put us in her path for a reason and told us she would read the book of mormon. But! she won’t let us back in… 😦 we had such a good discussion with her and I think she’s scared of having to change. We’ll keep praying for her and maybe she’ll have her heart soften. The branch would be such a help and support to her with her new baby… I just wish she could see that she doesn’t have to do this alone.

Dre’a- We don’t know too much about her, but she’s been trying to figure out the true church and the right one for her to go to. so she invited us in and wanted to know more. we’ll go back over to her house tomorrow and see if we can answer her questions.

I love all of our investigators and I know that god has been preparing them:) They are all amazing and wonderful! I”m happy to be here in Fayette even though its so far away from EVERYTHING haha πŸ™‚

We went to Zone Conference last week with is a 2.5 hour drive 1 way!! and i’m just reassured everytime we get in the car that I really don’t like driving haha! but the Lord knows me better then I know myself and he needs me to get better at it, so because of that… I have to drive… but it was a good experience! I love being around other missionaries πŸ™‚ It makes me feel like i’m not alone in this work, that there are others helping to bring people closer to christ πŸ™‚ its awesome πŸ™‚ We also had to get new tires while we were there and an Air Conditioner. And Dad you’ll be so proud of me, I set it up all by myself with that little screw driver you gave me from the Jazz game lol πŸ™‚ and its awesome πŸ™‚

Next week My companion and I will get to see the Nauvoo Pageant! we’re going on Tuesday July 28th and i’m really excited to go to the temple again and to see all the sites! πŸ™‚ It should be a good day:) Its about 4 hours away, so its going to be a long day in the car but it will be worth it πŸ™‚ We only get to see the pageant once in the mission, so i’m grateful that I have this opportunity so early in the mission πŸ™‚ This will be so fun!!

A scripture that I’ve really loved this week was 1Nephi 21:16. It just reminds me that I’m not forgotten. πŸ™‚ And I needed to hear that this week πŸ™‚ I hope you know that I truly love you all and i’m so grateful for this time I have to serve a mission. Thank you for all your emails of love and support:) I needed them. I love you so much!!

Have an Amazing week!!

All my Love,

Sister Pope



Hello My friends!

So living In Iowa i’ve discovered that you have to drive by at least 5 miles of corn before you can get anywhere. haha and Yes there is a limit on how many miles we can go with our Car… we have 1600 miles and we’ve got about 900 left… its so hard because our area is so big. When we go to the different towns and cities and find people, we can’t come back until next week… and we can’t walk to the different towns because they are too far away. So yeah! Lots and Lots of Corn!!

Funny Story?

So remember how last week I told you that Arlington (Hometown of the recent Bachelor Chris Soules) is in my area? well… My companion and I went looking for him this last week lol. We were told what street he was on and we started knocking haha but unfortunately we ran out of time and weren’t able to find him. lol πŸ™‚ maybe next time! haha we at least drove by his house though lol πŸ™‚

Our Investigators.

Well… we have One, her name is Tessa she’s 18 and her dad really doesn’t want her to be baptized… she’s had all the missionary lessons and is super active in the church but she isn’t baptized… so thats sad. We also asked her if she’s ever felt the spirit and she said she’s only felt it once and it was last november… And we think she just needs to learn how to recognize it better, if she’s been going to church since november she’s got to have felt the spirit more then that! Anyway she’s had 2 baptism dates before us coming here. but each time she backed out because of her extremely Catholic Dad. So Pray for her if you can.

My Wonderful Branch!

I just love myΒ  branch. Their faith is so strong! I am just so impressed by them and all they are able to do and accomplish. They try to go to the temple monthly (its a good 3-4 hours away) and they have such strong testimonies about missionaries!Β  They build me up and I just want to deserve the love that they so freely give. My companion and I taught Relief Society last sunday on Temples. I kinda took the lead of the lesson because of how often i’ve been able to go. Sister Romero has only gone 3 times and hasn’t been able to go for the last 7 months because we are so far away from it. So I thought we had a good discussion. we also read the message from the first presidency. and it was interesting. But we don’t intimidate people into the church we love them into it. So just keep loving your friends and neighbors and eventually they will see the light and Come Unto Christ πŸ™‚

I love you all and I hope you have the best week ever!!

all my love!

-Sister Brittany Pope


New Area and Questions Answered

To answer all of your questions.

My companion: Sister Hailey Romero, from Bountiful Utah. She went to Weber the year after she graduated high school in 2013. She’s beautiful and very patient with me.

My area: Sister Romero and I are opening up a new area. Its the biggest one in the whole mission! Its the North East part. our area touches Wisconsin and Minnesota. Β There are seven different counties in our area. and some people drive as much as 2 hours to come to church! so its a branch. But the Faith of the members here is so strong. I’ve only been to church once here but I am so impressed with everything my little branch is capable of. Most people in the ward live at least 20 minutes away from their nearest branch member. so distance is hard… but its still good πŸ™‚ I love my Branch πŸ™‚Β  There is between 50-70 active members of our branch.

ps. To all my friends who have watch the Bachelor last season. Arlington Iowa is about 15 miles from our apartment πŸ˜‰ I’m going to find him and get him to come to my branch πŸ˜‰ lol

What I do most days: Well we usually pick a town and go try to meet any less actives or members to introduce ourselves and then after that we go finding. (knocking on doors) and it was pretty discouraging my first few days here. No one wants to talk to Mormons haha. I think they think we are Amish or something… there are some big Amish communities here.

How am I:

I am doing great! I feel so blessed to be here. I know the lord provides for his missionaries. When my companion and I got to our apartment, there was literary no food anywhere. so we went to the store and got just a few things to survive until today. But as soon as we started calling members they invited us over for dinner! we spent the 4th with the Sullivan family and had a BBQ and then Sunday dinner with the Johns, And the Johns sent us home with so much stuff! like Flour, sugar, brown sugar, muffin mixes, cereal, home made bread, ketchup. Just things that would be nice to have to start an apartment. When we got there we didn’t even have salt and pepper. but now… our cupboards are full and the support from the members is enormous. I love my little branch and I’m so grateful to be serving in Fayette. Even if its all just Corn fields and soybeans. πŸ™‚ I feel so blessed. I know the Lord provides for his missionaries. :’)

My Apartment number is:

200 Bolger Dr. Apt 4D
Fayette, IA 52142

ps. one of my branch members is going to Utah State in the fall!! He even read about me in the huntsman news before I got there haha πŸ™‚ because I medal-ed at nationals in DECA. So thats exciting! the basement in his house is very USU! I just felt right at home there.


We had our first district meeting last week! πŸ™‚ They made me play piano… but its okay, I’m building my talent. πŸ™‚


We have designated drivers in my mission… and since my companion totaled a car in her last area… its me! so i’m building that skill too… haha I’m getting better though. I use Cruise control mainly so that I don’t speed haha πŸ™‚


My Mission president and his wife


The Sullivan Family made Green cupcakes because they found out I was a Greenie. There are 9 children in that family but I only got a picture of the 2 boys. Their dad is in the state presidency as the 2nd counselor. The Utah State Basement at the John’s house!!

Anyway I love you all! Look for the lord’s hand in your life. He is blessing you more then you even know. Have a wonderful week!!!

I love you!!

-Sister Brittany Pope