Out with the old, in with the new

Hello Family and Friends!!

This week I had to say goodbye to my trainer. Sister Romero was such a great companion I just love her. but she’s off to be a Sister Training leader now so she’s doing great things and helping more Sisters:)

My new Companion is Sister Baransky and she is from South Carolina! She’s been a member of the church for 18 months and she is just so awesome!! I love her so much! She’s 22 almost 23 and she has her bachelors from the University of South Carolina. Something else that’s pretty interesting about her, her family disowned her when she joined the church. Everything she has here on her mission is everything she owns. So I am honored to be her first companion out in the field. I know she will work hard. She loves missionaries and she is so willing to work hard and be obedient because its all she has. She’s taught me so much already. I love her so much. :’)

This is us on a dairy farm... We are helping feed the calves some hay... as you can see by the picture... ;)

This is us on a dairy farm… We are helping feed the calves some hay… as you can see by the picture… 😉

Sister Baransky!

Sister Baransky!

Yup... I'm feeding some cows :) haha

Yup… I’m feeding some cows 🙂 haha

On her first day, Thursday, I planned for us to teach the restoration and invite a potential to be baptized. She did so good!! And we invited her, (Susan) . She didn’t say yes or anything but she said she’d think about it. and I just know that miracles are happening in our area!! We just have to keep our positive attitudes be diligent and work hard and things will happen! 🙂

Also I’m so excited for Conference this weekend!! Its missionary Christmas!! 😀 And Since the branch is so spread out we weren’t able to watch the Woman’s conference last Saturday, instead they show it on Wednesday nights instead of Young Womens and Activity Days we all just get together and watch it then. so i’m excited for that!!

I love you all! and I hope you know how much I love this gospel. It has truly blessed my life in more ways then I can even express! This is the true church. the Book of Mormon is the word of God! and it gives us guidance and direction if we just read and listen to the spirit. Watch conference with a question in mind and I know you will receive an answer. I love you all!

Sister Brittany Pope


Trust in the Lord Forever!

So this week was a very trying week… On Tuesday we went over to the Cronin’s, and I dont know if you all have noticed but the crazy things always happen with them… (the peppers, butchering chickens, fleas) haha its always with them! So today David one of the kids got a speeding ticket and we spent the whole night making fun of him and teasing him about it… Well… the Irony… Guess who got pulled over by an Iowa State Trooper on the way home from the Cronin’s… Yup thats right I did.

and i was so stressed out about it all night. I called our Vehicle Coordinator and the Tiwi company (little box in our car that yells if we speed) for 2 reasons. 1, the cop couldn’t show me his radar after pulling me over, I wanted to physically see proof I was speeding but he didn’t lock it in. 2. My Tiwi didn’t go off. So I am wondering if I was actually speeding. but I couldn’t hardly sleep because of it. I felt so discouraged and I was worried about how i was going to pay for it and everything. and I just needed some comfort.

So the next morning i read the talk “Latter Day Saints that keep on Trying” and it was so great because it helped me see that I’m okay. that I don’t need to be perfect, I just need to be better then I was yesterday. and so I felt better. Also I talked with the Vehicle Coordinator again and he thinks i could fight the ticket if i wanted. and so thats what i’m going to do. And we’ll see how that goes… 😛 If i need to pay the ticket, i’ve accepted it and i’m at peace with it but I don’t want to pay it haha. so yeah…

I did find our about tranfers… I”M STAYING!!! and my companion is going on to be a Sister Training Leader. Also… I’m Training. I’m having my first baby girl! 😉 haha and I’m so nervous! I’m still a baby myself… I feel like one of those pregnant teens or something haha i’m too young to be training. but the Lord must have a lot of Trust in me to have me open an area with my very first companion and then train a new missionary right after I finished training myself! I’m nervous and i need your prayers this week… Ahhh!!!

Our investigators!

Tony and Dawn are the best! they came to church yesterday and they’ve been reading the book of mormon, they are already to 1Nephi 10! i am so impressed with them! they are the Golden-est Investigators! they just want to raise their daughter Rose in a church with High standards and good morals! and they came to the right place! 🙂

Drea is still wanted to be baptized but she is moving out of our area on Nov. 1st…  Ahhh!! Why!?! But she’s doing really well, we are going to teach her Word of Wisdom next 🙂 it’ll be great.

So year that was my week… I’m having a kid, I’m fighting a speeding ticket, and Teaching some golden investigators 🙂

I love you all and i’m grateful for all the love and support you give me. Please pray for me this next week as I get my new companion, I’ll need all the help I can get….

The church is true!

-Sister Brittany Pope


The Law of Chastity

For starters this week, my companion and I have had so many opportunities to teach about the Law of Chasity its crazy!! haha we just laugh about it all the time!

We were visiting a recent convert family and were planning on teaching them the restoration, but we were talking to their 14 year old daughter who thought that she was breaking the law of chasity because she was hugging people of the opposite sex. We come to find out that they all thought that it was breaking the law of Chasity! they thought you can’t even Hug or kiss. And their evidence was that Sister Romero and I don’t hug the Father of the home, but we do hug the Mother and Daughter. Wow, we had a time teaching them… haha 🙂

Then we were teaching Drea some of the commandments so we had to study and learn more about it. for her.

And lastly we talk Relief society last week and it was on the Law of chastity! And we have members of the branch who openly are breaking this law… but we were teaching it and by the end of it everyone was just in tears. and we had one woman so emotional she had to leave and come back after 20 minutes in the bathroom. I don’t think they were offended crying, but I do think the spirit touched them in a way that they felt that this Law of Chasity is truly of God! and its for us to be happy, truly happy! not just instant satisfaction. So Hopefully the branch still likes us after this week.

In my mormon.org time this last week I watched the 12 steps to overcome addiction, and wow! those are so well done! I was so impressed! it was like I was watching a movie 🙂 I love the feeling of hope they include in each of these videos and how they were able to overcome all of these addicting things and turn to the lord for strength to over come! it was so great and wonderful! However… I would say pg13 so… probably not something for FHE… haha 🙂

We had 2 new investigators! and they are this cute family! they have a daughter and the mom wants to raise her in a church with good morals and high standards. And she came across the LDS religion so she and her boyfriend are going to try it. And Good news, they want to be married 🙂 So that won’t turn them away! and they were asking such great questions in our lesson! I can just see this family going to the temple and being sealed to each other for time and all eternity! 🙂 I hope they continue down this path of righteousness 🙂 I love this gospel and I know that it blesses families! I’m so grateful for my mission and I’m sad that this is probably my last week with my companion Sister Romero… But its okay 🙂 I need to let someone else have the best companion ever for a little while.

So with that thought, Transfers are on the 23rd but they will tell us Monday night if we are staying together or who is leaving. So probably send any new letters and things to the mission home just in case they have me leave. But I think I will be staying 🙂

Anyways I love you all! I hope you have a wonderful week and are enjoying the Fall weather just as much as I am:)

All my love

Sister Brittany Pope

My companion and I in our 'new to us' Truck :)

My companion and I in our ‘new to us’ Truck 🙂

One of the Biggest Strawberries in the World!

One of the Biggest Strawberries in the World!

I feel really cool driving around in this truck ;) heehee

I feel really cool driving around in this truck 😉 heehee

I went in a corn field today and met Akbar

Oh man! This week has been crazy!! 🙂

We had exchanges in Ceder Rapids and the people there are mostly Hatian and speak lots of French… I don’t know the first thing about french… but that is okay haha 🙂 I can teach super simply and give them french pamphlets and just hope they understand! haha I love being around other missionaries though. thats my favorite part of going on exchanges 🙂

Drea and her daughter Sugar are reading the book of mormon together and its so cool to hear them talk about what they understand! even though Sugar is only 8 she is totally getting it! and I love it!! Hopefully they can be baptized in Oct. we’re working on it!

Thursday we had interviews with the mission president. That was good, but I found that he likes to do a lot of talking, haha but thats okay 🙂 I told him we needed a truck in my area because of all the dirt roads we drive and the very next day… Poof! A truck comes to our area! so we traded cars and now I am the proud owner of a sweet 4 wheel drive truck! 😉 Its pretty awesome not gonna lie:)

On Sunday My companion and I gave talks in Sacrament and I decided to speak on the atonement and grace, and it was so interesting that people afterwards was wanting a copy of my talk. I have never experienced that before. I guess i’m improving in my giving of talks skill. 🙂 Yay

Yesterday was Labor Day and yes thats why I wasn’t able to email you all. In small town Fayette, nothing is open on Labor Day… So what did my Companion and I do? We spent like 2 hours at the church playing piano and then we went to a corn maze! that was the biggest corn maze i’ve ever been in! we got lost a few times and it was way fun! Also, we were the only ones in the corn maze haha:) so that was interesting! 🙂 After we finished the corn maze the one guy who was waiting for us, had us pick some pop corn! haha 🙂 So i’m pretty excited to cook my pop corn eventually, it takes about 60 days to dry out… so it will be a while, but it’ll be worth it!

and yesterday I also decided that Lizzie should date this cute boy Bredan in my Branch… I just want him to be my little brother.. so that would be super cool 😉 hehehe

Anyways these week has been great! I’ve spent a lot of time studying the atonement for my talk, and I just love the atonement. and the power of grace. I read Enos several times, and i’m so impressed with this prophet. He begins his book very similar to 1Nephi, and yet his story is so different. I challenge you all to spend some time reading Enos this week and see how you can relate to him.

I love you! Have great weeks!!

-Sister Brittany Pope

IMG_0284 IMG_0281

5 New Investigators!!

So I don’t have a lot of time today… It feels like way less then normal so if I don’t respond to your emails, please know that I really do love you I just don’t have time today! Okay? Lots of Love I promise!!

We are doing exchanges today and so we had to drive an hour to Ceder Rapids and so we have less time then normal. but its okay 🙂

This week, one of our investigators dropped us… it was so sad. 😦 I wish she could just see how much we were just trying to help her. But we did get 5 new investigators this week and of those 5, 3 of them actually came to church!! 🙂 Happy Day!! A whole family of descendants of american Indians the lightfoot family. They were really interested about the Book of Mormon and the record of the ancient Americas 🙂 its so awesome 🙂 Great Family!

I know that God knows each of us personally, and however lost and alone we may feel, you are NOT Forgotten! Got puts people in our lives to help us, sometimes even to save us. and i’m so grateful that the lord uses me to help other people. I love you all and I hope you have a great week!!

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