Happy (Late) Thanksgiving!

IMG_0487🙂 Hello my Friends!

This week was pretty dang exciting! we had Thanksgiving with the Cronins and they are the best people! They have their less active children come with their non member significant others. And our lesson on the Restoration was awesome! The spirit was so strong. And there was good food and I just loved it. We were invited to 4 different thanksgivings, but because of our big area each place was an hour away from each other and had we gone to all 4 we would have used all of our miles and spent over 4 hours in the car… so we just went to the one and they invited people to come over all day long. So really we just have food the entire time 🙂 it was great!

Miracles keep happening in Fayette! 🙂 Its really nice to know that God hasn’t forgotten about us little missionaries, He shows us little miracles every day. One miracle that happened this week happened last Monday. We were tracting an apartment complex and the first door we went to the woman was like, “No, I’m a Christian I’m good.” So we tell her to have a good day and then we go to the next door, and we talk to the guy and his sister is a Mormon! and then his girlfriend invites us in for pie! and we get talking with him and he’ll let us come over next Wednesday so we were pretty excited about that, and then we hear a knock on the door. So of course my Companion and I open it… (Why? I don’t know… Its not our house… But we did anyway) But the Woman we had talked to earlier came to find us and decided that actually she did want to talk with us! she then gave us her number and invited us over for dinner on Tuesday (Tomorrow). My companion and I left that apartment complex just ecstatic! This never happens! 🙂 we are just so happy that the work is finally picking up! 🙂 Its been a great week.

Dawn and Tony have talked with the Branch President and set up a time for their marriage. So its for sure going to happen this Friday! They’ll be married Friday Baptized on Saturday and Confirmed on Sunday! 🙂 we are very excited for them!

Also Kelly Lightfoot is on date for Dec. 12. She’s going to be my last baptism in Fayette. But its okay 🙂 She’s great! I love teaching 10 year olds! They don’t have problems with Chastity and Word of Wisdom. 🙂 Yay!

All in all this was a great week! 🙂 We are looking forward to our Mission Tour with Elder Martino Dec. 9th 🙂 That will be fun!

25 Days until Christmas!! 😀

I love you! Have an Amazing week!

Sister Brittany Pope




And the Snow Came Down

Well… Not much happened this week. I’m sure you’re all wondering about the baptism. Well it didn’t go through. And it wasn’t the Investigators’ Fault, and My companion and I have had long discussions with our Mission President over it and the problem has been worked out for the time being 🙂 And our Investigators Dawn and Tony will be Married on Dec. 4th and then Baptized on Dec. 5th 🙂 So we have that to look forward too! 🙂 And Kelly Lightfoot will also be baptized on that day. I just want all of our investigators to be baptized before I leave… And President told me in our interviews last week that I would be leaving at the end of this transfer. Which is Dec. 17th. Right before Christmas… 😦 But its okay! I’ll go to a new area and get to love all the people there! 🙂

On Friday It snowed… A lot! and it was not fun to drive in. We had about 10 inches in Fayette. Crazy! Also the saddest thing ever happened. On Thursday my Sole on my boot came off. So I went through all that snow in my flats. Can you say Cold feet! Yup. So that’s my life right now. I have my snow boots but they weren’t appropriate for my interview with President. so I didn’t wear them.

Sunday was great though! we had wonderful talks! and then My companion and I taught relief society on Missionary work! 🙂 and we had a good discussion on Member Missionary Work. I hope you all are doing all you can to be better Member Missionaries! because its a rough life having to knock on doors to find investigators. Only 1/1000 get baptized, but Member referrals 6/10 get baptized. So just keep doing all you can!

I love you so much!
-Sister Brittany Pope

First Baptism!! :D :D :D

This week has been crazy! So many times Satan is trying to tear me down and stop the work from happening in this area… But I know why I am here and who I’m here to serve. and its not for me, its for my Savior. On Tuesday we were driving home from the Cronin’s and they are some of my favorite people! But on the drive home my worst fear came to pass… I clipped a deer… My truck is okay! there is no damage whatsoever! But the little do ran off all bloody and I feel so bad…  so that was a trial for me. So I’ve decided that my Heavenly Father just needs me to grow and get over myself and my fears and truly turn to the Lord. So that’s what I’ve been working on this week.

Also this week we had a Tornado… Haha it was crazy what happened. On Wednesday we had a lot of time to go finding/tracting so we were doing our best in the freezing rain and our appointments just kept falling through. And My companion and I didn’t know what we were going to do next, so we stopped and we prayed. and we both got the feeling that we needed to visit this less active family now. Instead of in 2 hours when we had planned to see them. So we go to visit them and they say “What are you doing! Don’t you know about the Tornado!” and we had no idea! so we ended up staying 2ish hours with them just listening to the thunder and rain. it was crazy!!

On Saturday we had our first Baptism!!! Kathy Glaser is our newest member of the Fayette Branch!! 🙂 yay!! She’s so amazing! She was our Golden Investigator!! 🙂 I’m so happy to be here in Fayette! Next Saturday we have another Baptism! Dawn! 🙂 She made it a goal for herself to be baptized before Thanksgiving and so she doesn’t want to wait for her Husband to live the word of wisdom she just wants to be baptized as soon as possible. 🙂 so We will probably have baptisms every week until I leave 😉 hehe at least that’s the hope! I really just want to help others come unto the gospel. So i’ll be working as hard as I can in my last few weeks here in Fayette… really I only have 4 more weeks here because I’ve been in this area for so long they’ll probably move me. So I’ve got a lot of work to do and not very much time!

This week I’m ponderizing a scripture from 2Nephi31: 20. Talking about having a steadfastness in Christ. And I picked it because of all the hard things that I’ve gone through since coming on a mission. Many different trials have happened and I had to grow and stretch a little so that I can become the person my Heavenly Father Needs me to be. So its a process and sometimes it hurts, but I know that as I continue to turn to Christ with a “perfect brightness of hope and a love of God and all men…” That I will have eternal life and that will make me the most happy! and that’s all I want, is to be happy! 🙂 So I will continue to work on that!.

Also just so you all know, I’m good! Healthy and working hard! 🙂 I have felt your prayers this week as I’ve gotten back into the normal missionary schedule and off the medication. its not been easy but I know that that whole experience needed to happen to help me grow in the faith. I love you all! Remember you are loved children of God!!

All my Love
Sister Brittany Pope

P.S. My companion and I are doing a Friendsgiving! 😀 😀 We bought a whole turkey! and we are going to have a great day today!! 🙂 Happy Sister Pope



“And It came to pass that I was 3 Days and 3 Nights in the most bitter pain…”

“…But behold I did cry unto him and did find peace to my soul” (Alma 38:8)

Hello Friends and Family!!!

This week if you didn’t already know… I’ve been in the hospital for a few days… hence my Subject line… haha Okay here is what happened.

I was driving home from zone p day (its about and hour long drive) and on the way home I get this intense pain in my lower back. I thought maybe it’d go away after a while so I tried to ignore it, but it just was so painful! so after 10 minutes of it I pulled over and had my companion drive. ALSO, our Gps was dead, so I was just driving by the spirit really… well as soon as I was out of the car I pretty much withered to the ground clutching my side… I was in so much pain. And the mission nurse wasn’t answering the phone so we decide we were going to try to make it to the nearest members house. which was 25 minutes away. so we drive and I’m just crying and doing everything I could think of to make the pain go away… nothing helped. we get to the members house and she calls a few priesthood holders and off we go to the hospital. LONGEST 25 MINUTES OF MY LIFE!!!!  There was nothing that offered me any sort of relief from the pain… I was just left to sing my hymns in efforts to keep my mind off of the pain.

I get to the hospital and they give me some pain medication so that made me feel better! 🙂 and then they give me a cat scan and what not to confirm I had Kidney stones. which I did… and then the priesthood holders got there and gave me a blessing. 🙂 I love the priesthood by the way! and I’m looking forward to the day that I have that priesthood holding in my home and I don’t have to wait 30 minutes for them to drive to me… Anyway. they give me the blessing and the doctors give me a prescription for more medicine and we are off on our way.

the next morning at 2am the medication wears off. and I am in the same about of pain as I was the night before, except this time I have medicine and the medicine they gave me just kept making me puke. Not a fun night… by 6am my companion puts me in the car and we drive to the hospital again! and another priesthood holder comes, he drives 45 minutes out of his way to give me a blessing. 🙂 and the doctors give me new prescriptions and I’m off on my way again.

And so now I’m told to drink a gallon of water and take medicine as needed for pain. well that kinda means I’m tied to my apartment. I wasn’t able to do a lot of missionary work this week. and that was hard for me. I kept thinking “Why am I given this trial! I’m just trying to do the work of the lord! Why me?”  and a scripture kept popping into my head, D&C 121:7-9. and I just kept reciting it over and over to myself. Because it was the only way I was ever going to make it through this week…

Stake Conference was this week as well and one of the speakers spoke about these questions of the soul, “Why do I have trials” and he said that trials are given to us to help build our faith and the faith of those around us. So I’m thinking maybe that’s why I was given this trial. No necessarily for myself (Although I did learn a lot from it) but for others. My whole branch knows about it, and they were so concerned and just wanted to help as much as they can. I think it brought us all together in a way that couldn’t have happened without my silly trial. But if there is something that I never forget is, The Lord will provide for his missionaries. I know the lord is with me and he just wants me to be successful. he loves me! and his plan is so much better then any plan I could have come up with. Life is hard sometimes but when we have the Lord with us we know we can over come anything!

I love you all! thank you for all the prayers that you gave in my behalf this week, I have felt them, and I needed them. you are all amazing and I love you so much!

Thank you for all you do!
Sister Brittany Pope

IMG_0439 IMG_0440

Happy Halloween!! Well… its November now… Never-mind… ;)

Hello my Friends!! This week was great! we Taught Kathy the Word of Wisdom and she just said that she’s going to give away all of her tea and then we gave her some of our hot chocolate and some herbal tea and she just loved it! and then this Sunday she brought us some herbal tea because we share. haha 🙂 She’s so sweet 🙂 But she’s so excited to be baptized on November 14th she told everyone at church yesterday and the branch is really excited as well. So its all good! I’m going to have my first baptism this month!! Woot Woot!!

Dawn and Tony didn’t end up getting married on Saturday… but We are still working with them… Their baptism date is Nov. 21st so they have some time, even if they get baptized on the same day as their wedding 🙂 that would be great! so 🙂 also i’m really excited because i’ll still be on my mission at their year mark and I could go and be with them in the temple as they get sealed together for time and all eternity! 😀 😀 😀 🙂 i’m so happy for them!!
Also My companion and I are teaching a family how to read… and we are struggling a little. the dad is 52 and he doesn’t know the sounds that each letter makes… he only knows how to write his name. so if you guys had any ideas of how to teach adults to read let me know… I know that in bigger cities they do programs for these adults but where i’m at in Rural Iowa… no such programs… 😛 anyways let me know any ideas…
Halloween was great! except we had to be in at 6 on both Friday and Saturday so we weren’t able to do a whole lot of work 😦 but tis okay, we studied more in our scriptures and we made little object lessons for the kids we teach. so we made that time productive. Also… No trick or treaters came to our house… 😦 Sad. We had pass along cards taped to all this candy… *Sigh* its okay 🙂 we’ll just eat it and get fat… yup… thats my life now
Sunday was a great day at church. I love Sundays they are the best day of the week! but yesterday we had a lesson with an investigator Jo and she was worried that we weren’t going to show up, she was pacing outside her little apartment building. and when we did come all her family was inside and get this, they are all Less actives! So this is great! we are going to reactivate her family and help her get baptized!! Its so awesome! I love the way the lord is able to work through us and use us to help others. 🙂 its the best feeling as a missionary 🙂
Anyways that was my week! I’m ponderizing
Alma 5:26 this week.
“And now behold I say unto you my brethren, if ye have experienced a change of heart, and if ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, Can ye feel so now?”
I choose this one because I have felt a change in myself since coming out to the mission and I just love my savior so much more now. I don’t even know how that’s possible… but its true and I would just ask you all the same questions.
Have you experienced a change in your heart?
Have you Felt to sing the Song of Redeeming love?
Can you Feel so now?
I love you all! Remember the church is true! even in Rural Iowa!! You’re awesome! Keep working hard!
all my love,
Sister Brittany Pope