“O How could you have forgotten your God in the very day that he has delivered you?”

^^ My ponderizing scripture this week. I just finished Helaman and Its really interesting the things that the spirit teaches as you read from the Book of Mormon. I’ve learned so much this time through as i’ve been searching for different “members and Less actives” in the stories that I’ve never noticed before. I love reading the book of Mormon!

This week we had a missionary broadcast about the fundamentals of missionary work. it was amazing! I really love Elder Bednar’s talk on Teaching is not talking its listening and observing. 🙂 It was a really wonderful broadcast!

Sunday is always the best day of the week we are able to renew our Covenants. and not just our baptismal covenants but ALL our covenants and thats really awesome to thing about the different promises we make throughout our lives to our Heavenly Father. 🙂 I love Church.

As far as investigators go… we are struggling finding some solid investigators… we have people we meet off the street but those don’t usualy come to anything. Really what we need is solid refferals from members in the ward… and as of now we just get fed by the same members over and over… Ahhh! Not very effective… But we are trying to change attitudes and perspectives… it just takes time.

Please remember that I love you! and that i’m grateful for all the love and support you all give me. Have a wonderful week!


Sister Brittany Pope


ps. Its weird that i’ll be 20 in less then a month… I don’t know how to handle that… haha 🙂 Love you


The Sun the Moon and the Stars

🙂 Hello friends! 🙂

This week was great! we had exchanges in Boone and I learned a lot. I went with Sister Skaggs and she is the oldest sister in the mission. She’s 24 and so awesome! 🙂

This week I was also able to attend the Nauvoo Temple 🙂 it was beautiful! Something I noticed more this time I went was all the sun, moon, and stars, that are everywhere in the Nauvoo temple 🙂 so that was a pretty cool aha! moment for me! 🙂

Investigator wise we keep getting dropped and thats really sad, mostly because that means we have to go out and do lots of finding and it just keeps getting colder so with the wind chill its very common to be -30 degrees. But we do it! To show our faith and to show God that we are willing to be obedient. 🙂 Also one of my investigators from Fayette, Tom, Will be baptized this weekend 🙂 Thats a really happy moment. I only had one lesson with him, but the spirit was so strong! 🙂 I knew he’d be baptized in January. 🙂

This week was really awesome in my scripture study, i’ve been reading the end of Alma about Moroni and i’m just so impressed everytime about his faithfulness and obedience. something that stood out to me was in Alma 56:47 when it says “we do not doubt our mothers knew it” and I changed it to “We do not doubt our Missionaries knew it” How I want to live my life that my investigators know without a doubt my testimony of the gospel and that I will have done my very best to help them become truly converted to the lord. 🙂 I love this gospel I love how happy it makes me and how much this gospel has blessed my life. 🙂 I’m grateful to be a missionary.

Remember I love you always!

-Sister Brittany Pope



Hello Friends and Family! 🙂

So here in Marshalltown its been pretty cold… on Sunday it was -4 degrees as we drove to church. haha So thats lovely. But its all good we’ve been bundling up! I wear like 2 pairs of tights and wool socks everyday. The only thing I really can’t handle is all the ice. My poor comp has fallen down twice… But tis okay it hasn’t stoped the work from going!

This week was great! We had our Zone conference with President and we learned some really crazy things about Transfers and Exchanges throughout the world 🙂 and that was exciting. But I won’t know too much until Jan. 20th when Elder Oaks does this big broadcast for all the missionarires throughout the world.

On Wednesday we were dropped by 7 of our investigators including all our most progressing investigators and those with baptismal dates. So that was really disappointing. and we met an old woman on Thursday and we thought “Wow she’s so prepared she just wants to come to church and to read from the book of mormon!” and after she comes to church we find out she’s a member of the church she just forgot because she’s 75 years old. So either way it was a good thing, we just wanted to find someone we could baptize this transfer and it doesn’t look like its going to happen… 😦

President and Sister Jensen came to Sacrament meeting this week! and we told them if they came we’d make them a roast. Which we did! (SO GOOD!) but they didn’t have time to stay any longer then sacrament meeting 🙂 But still it was nice to have them come out and see us 🙂 we are about 1.5 hours away from Des Moines 🙂 so it was great to see them. And Brother Jones who spoke in church really talked up Sister Abegglen and I! 🙂 He told about how I asked for refferals and pushed until he thought of someone to invite and then I set up a time to follow up with him to make sure he did it. 🙂 he made me sound good 🙂 and I was just doing what I always do. Its kinda nice to be noticed sometimes.

Anyway that was my week! In my Book of mormon reading i’m in the War Chapters so for ponderizing I don’t really have a good one yet… but there are so much good things in these chapters. Just remember don’t lower your standards for anyone! Not even a little bit! otherwise you’ll get poisoned by degree’s and die….



I love you all!! I hope you have a great week!!


All my love,

Sister Brittany Pope

Live up to your Potential

Hello Friends! 🙂

I hope you all had a good New Years celebration! I know I did. For us here in Iowa our Cars were grounded both New year’s Eve and New years so we had to find members or Investigators to be with from 7-9pm. On Thursday we were with our investigators the Johnsons. And they know they are going to get baptized its just getting them to live the Word of Wisdom at this point. But they testify to their friends just like a member would, they love the book of mormon and they treat me like family. I feel so loved everytime I go over there.

So the Snow… Monday was the worst! there was like 10 inches of snow and with my car being… well… not a truck… it couldn’t handle the snow and we called the vehicle coordinator and he told us to stay in. it just wasn’t safe, we’d just get stuck. But in addition to the snow, the snow removal is not very great… there is so much ice on the roads… not fun. Just keep praying for me okay?

On Friday we went to a member’s house and watched Meet the Mormons. Haha I cry everytime so… that was pretty awesome:) We did a potluck on Sunday as a break the fast ward party. it was pretty great 🙂 But something that i’m concerned about is that the attitude towards Home teaching and Visiting teaching. We’ve been talking with our ward mission leader about how our ward can grow and what would get less actives reactivated and strengthen our recent converts and the biggest thing is Home teaching and Visiting teaching. So I just encourage all of you to do yours! Even if its just a letter in the mail or a phone call. Reach out! Try! Do all you can to make these brothers and Sisters feel of your love and of Heavenly Father’s love for them. Live up to your potential. Do all you can to be the best you, you can be. 🙂 Keep working hard and remember I love you!


My ponderize scripture this week:

Alma 29:9

Upcoming things,

On Tuesday is our zone Conference and we’ll be doing skits and fun things 🙂 i’m excited! I hope our skit is funny… we’ll see how that goes.

I turn 7months old on Jan 17! 🙂

Transfers are Jan 28 🙂 I’m thinking i’ll stay though

Anyways I hope you all have a great week! 🙂 Missionary work is great here I love being a missionary! I love you all!


-Sister Brittany Pope

This are some pictures of my companion and I being dorks haha 😉 we made some food and celebrated New years.