Election Week… 0.o Uck…

Hello My Favorite people!! 😀

This week has been crazy! As many of you now Elections are this week, and I really strongly dislike having to compete for doors with the political campaign people… So many people are just flat out rude to us because of everyone who has come by… 😦 I’d say the worst part was when we had some children following us and we knocked on doors shouting and calling us names… Not exactly the funniest experience… BUT!! We still saw Miracles!!
We Ran into a Man named Justin who was interesting in what we do! (He at first thought we were political people) But we came to find out that his wife is a inactive member of the church and He recommended that we visit her. And then when we invited him to baptism he said “I think this will be really good for us” With this super sincere grin on his face! Oh! It made the whole week worth it!! 😀 Thanks Heavenly Father!! 😀
We also had a Regional Stake Conference Broadcast thing. It was awesome! Elder Rasband Talked about “The One” and how we need to stand in the place of Christ as we seek out “the one” to help in anyway we can. 🙂 There also was a large push for temple attendance… And Well… I really can’t do much of that here… But that’s okay! Goals for next year right!! ;D
Also… lol Funny story our Toilet broke and We tried to fix it which ended up with about an inch of water on the floor… Guess i’m not as good of a handy man as I thought lol 🙂 But all is well! I just thought you all needed a good laugh! 🙂
The Church is true! I love being a missionary even in these hard times… Its worth it! Heavenly Father Knows what I need and he knows the people I am needed to serve and to help. and Even if its just one person, I know I will have fulfilled my role as a missionary. 🙂 Read your Book of Mormon! Pray sincerely! Go to Church! So many answers await those who are diligently seeking!
I love you all!
Sister Brittany Pope
Us and the bathroom… lol
Sister Watkins is sitting on me… -_-
I found My Great Aunt and Uncle at Stake Conference! 😀
And Our District! 😀
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