Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

Hello Family and Friends! 😀

I hope you all had a really good Week last week! 🙂 Mine was awesome too!
🙂 That was fun! hahaha Anyway! I love you all I hope you know that! This week was great! It finally snowed! and Since Sister Anderson still has a broken foot, I just give her piggy backs all the time, it was quite the sight as I piggy backed her to the church on sunday, we were laughing so hard I could hardly walk in the correct direction 🙂 Good thing we get to the church before anyone else! We’re going to the doctor this week, we think she might get released to wear real shoes again! now the boot she’s been wearing! 🙂
Also this week… I’ve been sick, but it came at a good time I guess. We were going to have exchanges in our area this transfer so Sister Anderson and I planned lots of things to do on Friday and lessons to teach, but I um… gave everything in my stomach to the toilet Thursday night… and then again on Friday morning… needless to say I didn’t go out on Friday and sister Anderson was left to do ALL the lessons and all the things. Good thing she can handle it 🙂
So here’s a cool story that happened!
In mine and Sister Anderson’s first week here we were trying to find something to do, it was about 8:40pm (20 minutes before we’d be in for the night) and I remembered an apt. complex that was well lite enough that’d we’d feel comfortable knocking it that late at night. well we go in and knock on 1 door. But 2 doors open up… Why do missionaries come in pairs? For Moments like these!! DIVIDE AND CONQUER!! I went Left and she went right. Every few seconds I’d glance over at her though, I noticed her inching herself in the apartment, so as soon as the guy I was talking to politely declined our message I went over to my companion and we asked if we could come in. We began teaching a family of 6 and as we were teaching Deb (the Mom) expressed that as soon as we came in she felt something different, it was good! we explained she was feeling the holy ghost that it testifies of truth and bring peace and comfort in our hearts. She like that and invited us back.
We came back a few days later to share more about the book of Mormon with her. and extend a baptismal date for January 21 and told us she was really excited to come to church and “If everyone was as nice as you two girls I’d be in real danger of joining” We of course were super stoked! she went on to tell us how it was “Pure Luck” that she let us in, she NEVER lets anyone in. Then watching us teach together impressed her. She thought Sister Anderson and I had been friends our entire lives. Little did she know we had only met 5 days earlier… o.o
Our third lesson with Deb went similar, she had been talking with her family and friends about the Church and they are all ON BOARD!! 😀 Her Presbyterian friend even gave her a High five and told her to “Do It!!” Sister Anderson and I were stunned at this point! and she amazed us again telling us of her gratitude list she’s been writing, she only has 3 things on it right now, but Sister and Anderson and I were one of them. We were just so touched!
All I can say is I am so grateful for the spirit guiding us to were we needed to be int eh right time in the right place. we are able to show the spirit that we are ready for knowledge and we can be trusted as we ACT on the inspiration that we are given.
I love Moments like these when I can see myself as an Instrument in the Lord’s hands. I love being a missionary. Thank you for all the love and support you’ve all given me. I love you! I hope you have a good week!
Sister Pope
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