What’s in a Name…?

EDITOR’s NOTE: Sorry I’ve been delayed in posting these.

Hello my favorite people!

This week has been a crazy one… especially since we’ve had 2 P days this week… and we wont’ have one next week… weird… But its all good! We’ve had such a good week, we’re finding new investigators and we’re doing out best out here… Something that I really don’t like is that it starts getting dark at 5:30pm… 😛 No one wants to talk when its dark for some reason… oh well… I’ll get over it!
Elder Anderson (of the seventy) came this last week to do a mission tour with us. it was good! it was very different then our mission tour last year. But it was good to see my favorite people again! Sister Baransky and Sister Pickard were there and I just love my daughters 🙂 Good spiritual upliftment!
My New Companion will be Sister Nelson! 🙂 it’ll be great! 🙂 This will be her 3rd area! Woot Christmas together!
Something that I was thinking about this week was our titles that we all have. I’m a Sister, Neighbor, Friend, Teacher, Leader, etc.. and its so easy to get caught up in those titles that they become our sense of Identity. Have you ever given thought to the question “Who am I really?” Among all those other titles the one that means the most is that I am a Child of a loving Heavenly Father. I have divine worth. As I go out and talk to people Its easier to talk to them when I remember we all are children of a loving Heavenly Father and he loves us all equally. 🙂
Anyway I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving!! Read some Thanksgiving Scriptures!
Alma 34:38
D&C 46:7
Alma 48:12
D&C 136:28
1Thes 3:9
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Displaying DSCN3746[1].JPG
Displaying DSCN3739[1].JPG

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