6 Days Until Christmas!! :D

Merry Christmas Everyone!! 😀 Its almost Christmas! Can you believe it!? I sure can’t… where did all the time go??? -__-

Anyway! this week was exciting! We had a lot of fun adventures! I don’t know what it is with Sister Anderson and I but I feel like every day we laugh so hard we nearly pee our pants… its so fun!!! 😀
We had Christmas Zone Conference this week! that was so fun! except… maybe its just because i’m returning home after this transfer but the whole conference was on “eternal prospective” and “who are you going to be after the mission” XP *Face Palm* haha I did give my departing testimony and it was good 🙂 And then we finished the conference with our Christmas skit!
Displaying DSCN4099[1].JPG
Displaying DSCN4106[1].JPG
I’m the Narrator! (I also wrote and directed the skit lol) And When i’m home i’ll show you the Video 🙂 I think we’re funny! But of course we tried to throw in Inside Jokes from the mission 🙂 and i’m very bias… haha 🙂
Here are some of my Other Adventures! Thanks Mom and Dad for the Christmas Pajamas! 😀
Quack Quack!
Also… This week its been really Cold…. the High of yesterday was Negative 5…. And the the high! So we had our Hair frozen to our scarfs and we drank a lot of hot chocolate!
Also… I’m 18 Months old in the mission now! 🙂 I went out to the MTC on June 17th and so on Dec 17th I turned 18! 😀 We had a celebration with Sister Anderson doing my nails and eating lots of food! I made my favorite Sour Cream Chicken and we danced a lot and laughed a ton!

We are seeing so many miracles out here! We are blessed as we are obedient and we see that! I’m so grateful to be here in this Christmas Season to share the light of Christ with everyone! I hope you all have been able to use the #LightTheWorld Campaign and see the blessings that come from Service. I love my Heavenly Father. I know that Jesus Christ is His Son! that he came to earth for us to have an opportunity to return to live with them again.
Alma 7:10-12
Have a very Merry Christmas! I love you all!! 😀
See you soon!
Sister Brittany Pope

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