The Last Melon…

To My Favorite Humans,

Hello! wow its crazy to know this is my last email…  These last 18 months have been quite the ride! I wouldn’t trade any of it. I am so grateful to have served in the Iowa Des Moines Mission. I am so lucky to have had the companions I had. I needed each and every one of them. I have learned so much about the gospel but especially about myself. I have loved my mission.
This week was the departing temple trip. So all of us leaving missionaries got together to party at Nauvoo. It was comforting to be back there again 🙂 I’ve missed the temple. I think want I enjoyed the most from that trip was Carthage. The senior couple there has been there the last 23 months and they are finishing their mission soon as well. But when that Elder testified of Joseph Smith the spirit came so fast! I was very impressed with how the tour went. I am grateful for the knowledge that Joseph Smith is a prophet and that the True Church has been restored through him. I also have a new found love for his brother Hyrum. There isn’t as much said about him, but he was crucial in Heavenly Father’s plan as well. Joseph and Hyrum were probably The best Missionary companionship. they always had each other to rely on.
A funny story this week, we do service each week at the Villages. (A senior living center) and This week we were invited to go to their New Year’s party! (On Dec 30 at 2pm lol) It was so fun! We played lots of fun games with the residents and things got pretty heated. hahaha:) One resident, Carl, was asleep on the couch when the noise makers were passed out…. lets just say he was unhappy to be woken up from his nap and lots of angry swearing occurred. it took 3 nurses to get him to go to his room. hahaha:) My companion and I were holding back our laughter because Harold and Rosemary (Late 80’s) Were just having a ball with their noise makers! and they just kept going! 🙂 Oh! It was a fun time! 🙂
I gave a talk this last Sunday, they put me as the last speaker and told me I could talk about whatever I wanted. So… of course I talked about Missionary Work:) My whole talk pretty much stemmed from one scripture. Mat. 16:25. its amazing what the spirit can do as you ponder even 21 words of a scripture. I shared my conversion story with them and I guess I made most everyone cry haha :’) one girl who was 13 told me that she had never cried in Sacrament meeting before. and her Grandpa came up to me later and thanked me, He said that his 13 year old granddaughter felt the spirit today during my talk and as he said the words we’re both crying… Man I just cry all the time I guess… haha 🙂
Sister Anderson and I also taught in Relief Society this week. on…. MISSIONARY WORK! Woot!! 🙂 haha It was awesome! this whole Month is pretty much all going to be about Missionary work. 🙂 We taught the “Who? What? When? Why? and How?” of Missionary work. focusing mainly on the How 🙂 the Sister’s loved it and talked about practicing answering questions and leaving invitation for FHE. 🙂
Its surreal for me knowing this is the last email… but I hope that from all the emails you’ve received from me these last 18 months and 3 weeks, that you know that I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I am changed through his grace. I know Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and I know that the Book of Mormon is true. Being a Missionary has been one of the best choices i’ve ever made in my life. I love the people here. I will always remember them and how they’ve strengthen me.
The Church is true, the Book is Blue, Satan stinks, and I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!
See you Soon!
Your friend and missionary
Sister Brittany Anne Pope
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Twas the Week before New Years

The first day after Christmas my true love and I had a fight… and so I chopped the pear tree down and BURNED it just for Spite!

lol Gotta love that Motab! 12 Days after Christmas! XD
Anyway! So this week was great! Sister Anderson and I were asked to be Elfs haha So we were able to deliver Christmas gifts to needy families in the ward. It got me thinking about each of our roles. We had
The Giver- A person who was willing and able to give to help another
The Deliverer- A person who physically gives the gifts.
The Receiver- A person who needed more help then what they could do on their own.
For me I related it to the God head.
Heavenly Father – Has so much to offer us! in fact he wants us to have all that he has!
Jesus Christ- He came here to Earth to do the will of His Father
The Holy Ghost- A gift that will never be forced upon us. He comes to the humble and those seeking.
In many instances throughout my life i’ve been able to be in all three roles of Giver, Deliverer, and Receiver, but what I found as i’ve pondered this, is we need all of them. We need to have opportunities TO serve and to BE served. Blessings will come. and Please remember that when one person was added to, that doesn’t mean that you are any less. you are a wonderful child of a Heavenly Father who loves you! He wants you to have everything that he has! that’s why he sent you here to Earth! 🙂
I love my Heavenly Father! I had an amazing time skyping with my family yesterday! And I look forward to seeing them in real life pretty soon… BUT NOT YET!! 😉 I still have 10 days left to be a missionary and so I plan on using them to the fullest! I know who I am and what I stand for. I am a representative of Jesus Christ! I have been Called to share my testimony of Jesus Christ and give others the opportunity to come follow him. There is so much happiness and joy found in the Gospel. I just wish more people would see that.
I love you all! I hope you have a Fantastic week!
Much Love,
Sister Brittany Pope
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6 Days Until Christmas!! :D

Merry Christmas Everyone!! 😀 Its almost Christmas! Can you believe it!? I sure can’t… where did all the time go??? -__-

Anyway! this week was exciting! We had a lot of fun adventures! I don’t know what it is with Sister Anderson and I but I feel like every day we laugh so hard we nearly pee our pants… its so fun!!! 😀
We had Christmas Zone Conference this week! that was so fun! except… maybe its just because i’m returning home after this transfer but the whole conference was on “eternal prospective” and “who are you going to be after the mission” XP *Face Palm* haha I did give my departing testimony and it was good 🙂 And then we finished the conference with our Christmas skit!
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I’m the Narrator! (I also wrote and directed the skit lol) And When i’m home i’ll show you the Video 🙂 I think we’re funny! But of course we tried to throw in Inside Jokes from the mission 🙂 and i’m very bias… haha 🙂
Here are some of my Other Adventures! Thanks Mom and Dad for the Christmas Pajamas! 😀
Quack Quack!
Also… This week its been really Cold…. the High of yesterday was Negative 5…. And the the high! So we had our Hair frozen to our scarfs and we drank a lot of hot chocolate!
Also… I’m 18 Months old in the mission now! 🙂 I went out to the MTC on June 17th and so on Dec 17th I turned 18! 😀 We had a celebration with Sister Anderson doing my nails and eating lots of food! I made my favorite Sour Cream Chicken and we danced a lot and laughed a ton!

We are seeing so many miracles out here! We are blessed as we are obedient and we see that! I’m so grateful to be here in this Christmas Season to share the light of Christ with everyone! I hope you all have been able to use the #LightTheWorld Campaign and see the blessings that come from Service. I love my Heavenly Father. I know that Jesus Christ is His Son! that he came to earth for us to have an opportunity to return to live with them again.
Alma 7:10-12
Have a very Merry Christmas! I love you all!! 😀
See you soon!
Sister Brittany Pope

Cold… Brrrhhh o.O

Hope all is well with all of you! 🙂 I’m doing pretty well here in the midwest:) Its just really cold… these week we’ll be getting into the negatives… so its pretty cold… 😶
Some funny stories from this week, I slipped on some black ice at a nursing home that we do service at. and they made me fill out an incident report form… My companion and I laughed so hard we were crying! Just because I wasn’t hurt bad at all, I just fell on my backside. but the descriptions it was wanting… lol We about died! 🙂
We also had a second exchange this week, just because I was super sick last week, they wanted my last exchange to be better then that. So Sister Abbeglen and I were together for the last time! It was way fun, Super cold… but Way fun! You’d all laugh if you see what I wear when we go tracting… Haha you can barley see my eyes my face is so covered. Its really cold. I don’t know if I got that point across yet… haha 😉
We also had our Ward Christmas party! 😀 it was cool because all of us crazy missionaries decided to wear our Christmas Sweaters without even talking to each other. The ward loved it! 🙂 Elder Payne even wore his clown nose… silly guy!  🙂
So its really weird preparing to leave a mission… I’ve been asked to speak on January 1st and I’m the last speaker, they told me to prepare 25 minutes worth of material on whatever I wanted to talk about. I just feel so loved by this ward. I know i’ve only been here for less then 3 months, but I’ve grown attached. I love being a missionary. I love being with my companion. I love it here! (even though its really cold!) I don’t know how i’m going to bear to leave all these people in a few weeks… but its okay, all is well. I feel like as soon as you feel you have your life figured out something changes… and here I finally figured out how to Missionary! so here comes the change…
But I want you to know that I love you all and I am so grateful for the many experiences and people I’ve been able to meet here. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ and its my hope and prayer that we all strive to be a little bit more like him. A great place to start is the 25 days of service the church is putting out. I encourage you all to look outside yourself and find another person to serve. I know you will be blessed for your service and you will feel greater love for that person you are serving.
Day 12. Jesus Taught Other and So can you!
I love the story of Enos in the Book of Mormon! It gives hope for all of us sinners out there, that we CAN change! That Heavenly Father Loves us no matter what! and will help us come closer to him. Read Enos 1-12. And see if you can see yourself in the story. I know the book of Mormon is true! its God’s word and we can feel closer to our Father in Heaven as we read the scriptures and live the principles found in them.
I love you!!
Much love! your Very cold Missionary,
Sister Brittany Pope
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Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

Hello Family and Friends! 😀

I hope you all had a really good Week last week! 🙂 Mine was awesome too!
🙂 That was fun! hahaha Anyway! I love you all I hope you know that! This week was great! It finally snowed! and Since Sister Anderson still has a broken foot, I just give her piggy backs all the time, it was quite the sight as I piggy backed her to the church on sunday, we were laughing so hard I could hardly walk in the correct direction 🙂 Good thing we get to the church before anyone else! We’re going to the doctor this week, we think she might get released to wear real shoes again! now the boot she’s been wearing! 🙂
Also this week… I’ve been sick, but it came at a good time I guess. We were going to have exchanges in our area this transfer so Sister Anderson and I planned lots of things to do on Friday and lessons to teach, but I um… gave everything in my stomach to the toilet Thursday night… and then again on Friday morning… needless to say I didn’t go out on Friday and sister Anderson was left to do ALL the lessons and all the things. Good thing she can handle it 🙂
So here’s a cool story that happened!
In mine and Sister Anderson’s first week here we were trying to find something to do, it was about 8:40pm (20 minutes before we’d be in for the night) and I remembered an apt. complex that was well lite enough that’d we’d feel comfortable knocking it that late at night. well we go in and knock on 1 door. But 2 doors open up… Why do missionaries come in pairs? For Moments like these!! DIVIDE AND CONQUER!! I went Left and she went right. Every few seconds I’d glance over at her though, I noticed her inching herself in the apartment, so as soon as the guy I was talking to politely declined our message I went over to my companion and we asked if we could come in. We began teaching a family of 6 and as we were teaching Deb (the Mom) expressed that as soon as we came in she felt something different, it was good! we explained she was feeling the holy ghost that it testifies of truth and bring peace and comfort in our hearts. She like that and invited us back.
We came back a few days later to share more about the book of Mormon with her. and extend a baptismal date for January 21 and told us she was really excited to come to church and “If everyone was as nice as you two girls I’d be in real danger of joining” We of course were super stoked! she went on to tell us how it was “Pure Luck” that she let us in, she NEVER lets anyone in. Then watching us teach together impressed her. She thought Sister Anderson and I had been friends our entire lives. Little did she know we had only met 5 days earlier… o.o
Our third lesson with Deb went similar, she had been talking with her family and friends about the Church and they are all ON BOARD!! 😀 Her Presbyterian friend even gave her a High five and told her to “Do It!!” Sister Anderson and I were stunned at this point! and she amazed us again telling us of her gratitude list she’s been writing, she only has 3 things on it right now, but Sister and Anderson and I were one of them. We were just so touched!
All I can say is I am so grateful for the spirit guiding us to were we needed to be int eh right time in the right place. we are able to show the spirit that we are ready for knowledge and we can be trusted as we ACT on the inspiration that we are given.
I love Moments like these when I can see myself as an Instrument in the Lord’s hands. I love being a missionary. Thank you for all the love and support you’ve all given me. I love you! I hope you have a good week!
Sister Pope
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Hello Family and Friends!

So transfers happened last week and I’ve begun my last transfer o.0 annnnnndddd…. now i’m going to tell you a funny story!
So Last week I told you all that my new companion would be Sister Nelson right? well… that’s what I thought too… So I send my companion off to Iowa city with a Member while Me and another Sister continue doing Missionary work in Cedar Rapids, well… When we meet up to give me my new companion its Sister Anderson! and Of course we’re all confused and then she tells me this story of how her 47 year old recent convert in her last area proposed to her WITH A RING AND EVERTHING!!! So President found out after the transfer planning had been done, so he just had Sister Anderson switch with Sister Nelson. And I am now blessed with the best companion ever! 😀 We have so much fun together! This last week she made me laugh so hard I was crying. Every day is so much fun! And we’re doing more work then ever! I couldn’t have asked for a better companion to kill me. I’m almost really sad that I only get 1 transfer with her 😛 Oh well She’s from Springville Utah We’ll party after the MIssion
This week we did a lot of Finding and we’ve been working with a liberian family. Priscella and working towards Dec. 31st for baptism. and also a Really sweet kind lady named Lesia 🙂 She’s just looking for friends and a church family. and Hey! We got that! its so wonderful! We’re praying we can help bring these precious daughters to enter into the waters of baptism before I leave. 🙂 I love being a missionary!
Something i’ve been studying this week is patience. I really liked this thought patience is not simply enduring, but enduring well. Its so true! There are so many opportunities to be Laman and Lemuel in life. but its when you are doing the Lord’s Will that Miracles happen.
I hope you all know that I love you and I am so grateful for all your love and support. Remember who you are! Remember who you’re not! 🙂 Merry Christmas!!
Pictures of some of the crazy shinanagans we’ve been up to!
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What’s in a Name…?

EDITOR’s NOTE: Sorry I’ve been delayed in posting these.

Hello my favorite people!

This week has been a crazy one… especially since we’ve had 2 P days this week… and we wont’ have one next week… weird… But its all good! We’ve had such a good week, we’re finding new investigators and we’re doing out best out here… Something that I really don’t like is that it starts getting dark at 5:30pm… 😛 No one wants to talk when its dark for some reason… oh well… I’ll get over it!
Elder Anderson (of the seventy) came this last week to do a mission tour with us. it was good! it was very different then our mission tour last year. But it was good to see my favorite people again! Sister Baransky and Sister Pickard were there and I just love my daughters 🙂 Good spiritual upliftment!
My New Companion will be Sister Nelson! 🙂 it’ll be great! 🙂 This will be her 3rd area! Woot Christmas together!
Something that I was thinking about this week was our titles that we all have. I’m a Sister, Neighbor, Friend, Teacher, Leader, etc.. and its so easy to get caught up in those titles that they become our sense of Identity. Have you ever given thought to the question “Who am I really?” Among all those other titles the one that means the most is that I am a Child of a loving Heavenly Father. I have divine worth. As I go out and talk to people Its easier to talk to them when I remember we all are children of a loving Heavenly Father and he loves us all equally. 🙂
Anyway I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving!! Read some Thanksgiving Scriptures!
Alma 34:38
D&C 46:7
Alma 48:12
D&C 136:28
1Thes 3:9
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*Insert Clever Iowa punch Line here*

Hello everyone! 😀

I hope all is well with you as you prepare for the glorious holiday of Thanksgiving! we just found out that our Stake President has invited all of us missionaries over again! 😀 so that’s exciting! 🙂 Some exciting things that happened this last week was interviews with President Badger. We had some good conversation I shared with him my latest poem and he told me that Sister Badger has all my poems on her night stand and she reads them often. 🙂 they’re so cute! 🙂 so that was good! 🙂
Also Mission Tour is this next week with Elder Anderson! … of the seventy… 🙂 I know we were all excited for an apostle too but Elder Anderson is great too! 🙂 we’ll have a good time. its on Thursday. 🙂
We were also blessed with a baptism this week! 😀 Arianna Burns has entered the waters of baptism! 😀 it was awesome! a few missionaries who taught her were able to come back to see it, including my MTC Companion Sister Hilliard! 😀 oh it was good to see her again! 🙂
Something that I’ve been learning this week is about strength. This last week we’ve had more lessons then i’d like with people just wanting to prove us wrong. the spirit just leaves and you’re on your own. There is nothing that I could say to change the minds of these people because its not me who converts people its the spirit…  My poor companion is still new to the mission, so this was among her first encounter with these types of people… poor girl I made sure to take her out to ice cream afterwards to ease our minds. But I know that it doesn’t matter what anyone else tries to tell me. My Faith is centered in Jesus Christ and No one can take that away from me. I know that he is my Savior and Redeemer, and its only through him and we can receive that Redemption from sin.
And this is not all, do ye not suppose that I know these things of myself? behold I testify unto you that I DO KNOW that these things whereof I have spoken are true. And how do ye suppose that I know of their surety? Behold I say unto you they are made known unto me by the Holy Spirit of God!
(Alma 5:45-46)
I know that its through the spirit that hearts are changed and true conversion happens. I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have to be a missionary and to serve in Iowa. I am grateful for all these experiences because they are for my good. My testimony has only grown. I love being a missionary and I am so grateful for all of you who love and support me while i’m out here. I pray for you all. I promise I do. I love you!
Sister Pope
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Election Week… 0.o Uck…

Hello My Favorite people!! 😀

This week has been crazy! As many of you now Elections are this week, and I really strongly dislike having to compete for doors with the political campaign people… So many people are just flat out rude to us because of everyone who has come by… 😦 I’d say the worst part was when we had some children following us and we knocked on doors shouting and calling us names… Not exactly the funniest experience… BUT!! We still saw Miracles!!
We Ran into a Man named Justin who was interesting in what we do! (He at first thought we were political people) But we came to find out that his wife is a inactive member of the church and He recommended that we visit her. And then when we invited him to baptism he said “I think this will be really good for us” With this super sincere grin on his face! Oh! It made the whole week worth it!! 😀 Thanks Heavenly Father!! 😀
We also had a Regional Stake Conference Broadcast thing. It was awesome! Elder Rasband Talked about “The One” and how we need to stand in the place of Christ as we seek out “the one” to help in anyway we can. 🙂 There also was a large push for temple attendance… And Well… I really can’t do much of that here… But that’s okay! Goals for next year right!! ;D
Also… lol Funny story our Toilet broke and We tried to fix it which ended up with about an inch of water on the floor… Guess i’m not as good of a handy man as I thought lol 🙂 But all is well! I just thought you all needed a good laugh! 🙂
The Church is true! I love being a missionary even in these hard times… Its worth it! Heavenly Father Knows what I need and he knows the people I am needed to serve and to help. and Even if its just one person, I know I will have fulfilled my role as a missionary. 🙂 Read your Book of Mormon! Pray sincerely! Go to Church! So many answers await those who are diligently seeking!
I love you all!
Sister Brittany Pope
Us and the bathroom… lol
Sister Watkins is sitting on me… -_-
I found My Great Aunt and Uncle at Stake Conference! 😀
And Our District! 😀
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The Epic of the Corn Dragon

I hope you all had a good week! we sure did. 🙂 We had exchanges this week, I was able to go with Sister Winsor. We just worked really hard, we found 3 new investigators taught 5 other lessons and 1 member present then we were still able to talk to 18 people and invite them to learn more. Wow… There was so much packed into that one little day! I was so tired afterwards and I still had to drive us home! But it was great! Its kinda cool to have 2 experienced missionaries, the amount of work that gets done is awesome! 🙂 I’m very well pleased with us :3

In Other news, I found out I’m related to my companion! Sister Watkins keeps her 4 generation pedigree chart on her wall next to her next and I was looking at it… She has Pope’s In there!! Woah! Then we found out we have 2 common ancestors! Haha The Church makes the world so small! 🙂 it was a good day! 🙂

So I learned of the Corn Dragon this week… haha Its one of those legends or tales you tell children before they go to sleep. But the Corn Dragon has the physical characteristics of a lion but it doesn’t roar, it hisses. And all those times you hear the rustling of the corn, its not the wind… Its a Corn Dragon. They typically eat Penguins… Which is why you don’t see many Penguins wandering about… Those darn Corn Dragons always get them! 😉

And if you’re wondering if I just made that up… welp… I can neither confirm nor deny that allegation 😉 Hehehe

Something else i’ve been pondering is Alma, He was such a good man, why did God wait so long to Translate him… and Well my thoughts are, he wasn’t done being a Dad. He needed to be there for his children and help them in anyway he could. Families are so important! especially in the Lord’s Church. As we are in our families we are able to learn and grow. I am so grateful for my family. I know I was placed in a family where I would be able to learn and grow the most. I am grateful for my Sisters who double as my closest friends. I love my extended family also! Its who we are! and where we came from. I am so very blessed to have such an amazing family. Thanks family! Thanks Mom and Dad! I love you!

And I love you all too! haha:) Friends are the family you pick for yourself right? Well I hope you have a great week! Remember who you are! Remember who you’re not! Read your Scriptures! and Floss your Teeth!

All my Love
Sister Brittany Pop
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